To SUCCESSFULLY Lead From Behind, first you must


Our greatest challenge: Self-mastery

The solutions for effective leadership keep coming: humble inquiry, applied empathy even deploying ant farms to raise morale.

So why hasn't the needle has moved more? The vast majority of people (75%) quit their jobs because of a direct line manager. People aren't quitting their jobs, they're awakening to their worthiness and breaking up with a bad relationship.

The solution is not in any book, strategy pivot or team-building excursion on a rope course. The solution is the one place few have the courage to look: inside themselves.

When a person is suffering from significant internal discord, it ripples outward, like a stone in a pond. The bigger the stone, the more work for your recruiters.

Soulfuleader is the first of its kind Transformational Facilitation that effectively assists individuals along a practical path of inner alignment, coherence and internal innovation which fosters peace and resiliency. The outward, transformative effects of the Soulfuleader Intensive Training catalyze supreme emotional intelligence, vibrant wellbeing and a broader perspective that naturally invites others to belong to the mission.

Be MORE. DO Less. Achieve everything.

stacked stone

Office Hours

May 13 - 1pm - 2pm PST

June 10 - 1pm - 2pm PST

July 8 - 1pm - 2pm PST

Must be enrolled in a Mastermind Program or Transformational Intensive coaching prior to accessing office hours. Please contact to be added to the roster.