To SUCCESSFULLY Lead From Behind, first you must


Our greatest challenge: Self-mastery

The solutions for effective leadership keep coming: humble inquiry, applied empathy even deploying ant farms to raise morale.

So why hasn't the needle has moved more? The vast majority of people (75%) quit their jobs because of a direct line manager. People aren't quitting their jobs, they're awakening to their worthiness and breaking up with a bad relationship.

The solution is not in any book, strategy pivot or team-building excursion on a rope course. The solution is the one place few have the courage to look: inside themselves.

When a person is suffering from significant internal discord, it ripples outward, like a stone in a pond. The bigger the stone, the more work for your recruiters. The personal cost is a siphoning of energy that can impact physical health, emotional wellbeing and lack of resiliency.

Soulfuleader is the first of its kind Transformational Facilitation that effectively assists individuals and groups along a practical path of inner alignment, coherence and internal innovation which fosters emotional freedom, energy and authentic power reclamation.

The results of the Soulfuleader Intensive trainings are supreme embodied emotional intelligence, transformational communication skills, vibrant wellbeing, clarity and confidence in decision making and a bone deep trust in your own capability and worthiness. From this up-leveled, new perspective you are able to create the lasting impact you were born to make.

Be MORE. DO Less. Achieve everything.

stacked stone

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Must be enrolled in a Mastermind Program or Transformational Intensive coaching prior to accessing office hours. Please contact to be added to the roster.