Sanctuary For Servant Leaders

Going Inward to Move Upward

Everyone is counting on you. You take a deep breath and patiently hear people out. You are the great solver of tricky problems. You carry yourself with a natural authority that always seems to land you in charge of things. You are a servant leader and in some aspects, a warrior.

Do you have a place where you get to fully relax, surrender and be guided by your intuitive wisdom? Where it's completely safe for you to unburden yourself and be vulnerable with zero judgement?

People who are called to leadership are naturally good at taking care of everyone around them but rarely tend to themselves. Over time, this energetic deficit can lead to burn out, chronic stress physical illness and debilitating pain. Whether you lead a family of four or a staff of four hundred, it’s critical for leaders to unburden themselves and feed their souls so they can lead from the heart with boundless energy, ease, and vibrant well being.

Chuck Mc HS

The ways in which Maura presents as a friend, champion, and spiritual consultant are too many to enumerate, but I will say this: Maura has the unique ability to instantly attune to me, wherever I am—and consistently remind me of my personal power and innate value. One conversation with her can reset my entire system—like a reboot of the mind and spirit. She praises and encourages me without flattery. She loves and nudges me while always maintaining boundaries. She challenges me without confrontation. She can lift me up by merely saying my name. I am deeply sorry for anyone who will go through this life without encountering Maura Barclay, because I have no doubt that her loving, healing spirit—not being bound by time and space—would be fully available, emboldening and restorative, to anyone and everyone who seeks it.

Chuck McCollum

Founder Foster - McCollum Casting
Los Angeles, CA

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