Today I signed a petition through to help attain amnesty to an El Salvadorian woman and her young daughter. She has been the victim of multiple rapes by different men in her country. When she tried to report it, the police told her she was a whore and sent her away.

This kind of inhumanity makes my blood boil and it’s everywhere. It’s part of the reason I had to create this site, write the book, do seminars and blog. It’s my small way of contributing something to help balance the scales. Stories like these give me great perspective for being American. I cannot imagine growing up in a culture that refuses to acknowledge how valuable women are to their society.

Although we have a long way to go, there’s good news and bad news for American women when it comes to sexual assault. The good news is the number of cases is dropping, investigators are getting better training to deal with the survivors and DNA collection can really help get a conviction. The bad news is that 1 out of 5 of us is still on the wrong end of that statistic. Although we are getting better at handling the problem, we still have quite a sizable problem to handle. But we handle it.

When a woman reports an assault, the wheels of social, medical and judicial support begin to turn. Even though we are no where near the kind of equitable, educated society we ought to be given our resources, we are chipping away at it. Every time we pass an act that acknowledges a woman’s right to live without violence, we take a baby step forward. Every time we can rehabilitate or worst case convict a domestic abuser or rapist, we take another step forward.

The next step, for such a wealthy and educated country, would be the PREVENTION of such behaviors through education in schools and with parents… But I digress. There are still plenty of ignorant, misogynists spewing their vitriol to a wide, insecure fan base hungry to subjugate women here in the US. Slowly but surely these people look more and more lame in the court of public opinion. As long as we keep taking these baby steps, although we may fall down, I have faith that we will eventually walk.

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