About The Book

Unbreakable Woman® is a conversational self-defense and empowerment guide that helps you identify and reconnect with your most powerful, natural personal protection skills. You will be introduced to psychological profiles and methods of various criminals and given possible strategies for dealing with them. This empowers you to more easily recognize dangerous people and avoid them.

Unbreakable Woman will also help build your awareness skills, give you real world scenarios and true stories to teach you how to practice "mental training". Through these steps and more, Unbreakable Woman will take you on a journey from fear to empowerment and give you everyday tools that you can use right now to stay safe and advocate for yourself in any situation. The way to guarantee your victory in every fight is to avoid the fight in the first place.


Praise for Unbreakable Woman®


Joanna S.

"I just finished reading "Unbreakable Woman" and loved it. It was so approachable. I already find myself applying some of the concepts.”


Lucy W. Alexander

"Every female young and old should read this Really gives usable mental skills that can be used to make you aware how you can avoid or be a survivor in a self -defense situation.”


Robert Verdell, former Drill Sgt, US Army

"It is a must for women, those of you who teach self-defense and anyone man or woman raising a boy or girl. If I were still teaching my Rape prevention class, this would be my primary text."