I watched the panic in my clients eyes as she attempted to hold her breath for one second longer. She exhaled like a balloon deflating, tears welling up in her eyes. She had a traumatic past and her stories liked to ride on her breath. For many people, breath work is one of the most difficult aspects of mindfulness.

Teaching breath control is a deeply satisfying endeavor for me. It is the gateway to transcending the body’s grip on your conscious choices and leads to liberating your mind. So many of our emotional shadows like to hide in the recesses of your darkest internal landscapes which can be accessed by the influential diaphragm. This primary breathing muscle is like the moon, causing the tides of your aqueous connective tissues to ebb and flow. It’s attached to your heart so every breath gently tugs and massages this powerful muscle which is also a sacred energy center.

Awareness of your breath and conscious control of it is the path to the now. Everything you want is in the now. Here’s a very gentle introduction to leveraging the body to arrive instantly in the now through conscious breathing and emptying the mind.


Before you do the practice in this video, take TWO SECONDS RIGHT NOW to notice how you feel. After you watch and do the brief practice, notice how you feel. PLEASE post the before/after in the comments.

Relax and enjoy.

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