Men with “normal” bodies are hot right now. This is not news. Men have had the liberty to let themselves go, have a belly and look “normal” since the beginning of time. But when Mackenzie Pearson, a 19-year-old Clemson University sophomore, wrote a pro-dad bod piece in her college magazine, the “dad bod” idea became novel and went viral. She described the dad bod as more, “human, natural and attractive.” It was absurd listening to all of the happily paunchy, “normal” sized men on morning shows praise the dad bod movement with a sigh of relief saying FINALLY they don’t feel the pressure to have an unobtainable body. They can have beer and pizza and enjoy their lives.


Because every woman doing the morning shows with those men is not only expected to be unattainably skinny, she probably wouldn’t have even gotten the job if she had a “natural human” body. Men with paunches and chins are all over TV. They are perceived as mature professionals. Women with similar bodies, with the exception of Melissa McCarthy, aren’t allowed to be on TV. And if you are bigger, you had better be funny. Kristen Schaal called it, “a great day for men” and provided some much needed satire on the the dad bod.


I’m glad that men have the freedom to drink pina coladas and develop a lovely layer of normal flesh on their bones. So… when will the mom bod be human, natural and attractive? When will women’s medically recommended 20% body fat bodies be heralded as attractive and splashed across magazines? When will an article written by a 19-year-old male sophomore praising the glorious curves of healthy women go viral? Don’t hold your breath.

In a controversial photo shoot, Cindy Crawford let us see her remarkably fit grown-up, woman body. She is probably well under the average medical body fat percentage, yet people still regard this image as unappealing.

Dad bods may be in fashion now, but double standards seem to be forever. It’s up to US to declare acceptance of our natural, healthy, HUMAN female bodies.

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