Wage. Compassionate. War.

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and even harder to find any good news right now. As much as I am loath to admit it, our progressive government was a delusion. We live in an oligarchy run by corporations and they have played a brilliant long game of fear mongering through fake news.

Instead of resisting this new reality and feeling like crap all the time, I’ve decided to lean into it. It’s time to stop freaking out and take action. Here’s what we can do:
Put your money where your mouth is.

Instead of buying a pair of shoes I’ve been stalking on Zappos, I bought a subscription to two news sources: the New York Times and The Daily Banter. The Times offers legitimate, balanced news that’s controlled by the same family for over a hundred years. The Banter is an independent, progressive news site based in D.C. It’s editor and chief is Ben Cohen, a young, politically savvy Brit. His columnists regularly take politicians and other media sources to mat for not doing their job or doing it abysmally.

Fund the fight.

I donate to the organizations that will make it as difficult as possible to chip away at our civil rights. The ACLU is armed with litigators, activists and thousands of volunteers in every state to prevent the Trump administration from diminishing our freedoms and rights. The NAACP has activists in every state to stand against the normalization of racism, xenophobia and misogyny. The RAINN is the only national sexual violence hotline that provides free, crisis counseling 24/7. They also provide information and education to help prevent partner violence.

Do your part every day, every where.

I walk out my door every day prepared to provide what I call a “compassionate correction” for anyone looking to intimidate me or anyone else because of their gender or race. As long as your intuition tells you it’s safe, be prepared to stand up for yourself or others no matter where you are. If you anticipate it, you can’t be surprised or ambushed. Take advantage of every opportunity to provide compassionate resistance to ignorant behavior–letting it go unanswered encourages it. Here’s a funny example of a young woman flexing her power in her unique way with street harassers in NY.

Keep your eye on where you want to go.

Join Pantsuit Nation Washington D.C. chapter, Pantsuit Nation and Great Wall of No on Facebook. Connect with millions of other women and men who want to protect our rights. Find local activist organizations and feel the support of so many other people who want to mend the great American divide.

Every day brings another golden opportunity to put on your emotional body armor and go into the world prepared to resist the slow slide into tyranny. That’s what you can do.

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