Since I’ve chosen therapeutic yoga as my path to self-discovery, I’m constantly reminded of what a perfect metaphor it is for adversity of any kind. I tell my students when they come upon a difficult position or movement that creates an intense or unsettling sensation, that is the exact moment that growth or healthy change is occurring.

Growth is the process of change; of creating something new in ourselves whether it be physical or simple awareness. Whenever we traipse into this unfamiliar territory, fear usually wells up and we back off. It’s unknown so our clever survival instinct, that relies on known patterns, balks. These moments are the perfect opportunity sublimate the urge to retreat.

By allowing yourself to spend a breath in that space, it works the “stay calm, observe and surrender to this moment” muscle. When we are able to sit and watch ourselves be uncomfortable in our moments of transformation, we are becoming adaptable and resilient. It’s the process of re-wiring our plastic, neuro-network. It’s crucial training to get comfortable with discomfort, which is a skill that transfers into every aspect of our lives, including personal safety.

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  1. Anthony on June 11, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    Great piece!I won’t be at WF anymore,but I’m In the village. I hope our paths cross again.


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