In a revelatory article in the Washington Post, the East Coast serial rapist, who was arrested for rapes dating back to 1997, admitted that he “felt like an animal”. He also admitted feeling sad, ashamed and even scared when recalling his actions. We typically associate the “animals” who perpetrate these kinds of acts of violence against women as soulless, sociopathic monsters with an axe to grind.

It’s important to recognize that although some are more motivated by anger with women and need for power, some fall on the other end of the spectrum of “I did it because I could”. Naturally, anyone who decides that rape is a legit hobby needs to live in a small, concrete room with bars on the door with a sketchy roommate. That said, the East Coast rapist gives us a glimpse into the workings of a broken, human mind. When people decide to do violence against another person, I believe there is a regression into our primal neurological wiring that occurs that compels the person to carry out the action.

Although you may be dealing with a violent, sociopathic animal, they are still human and should be treated like an opponent. After all, you are an animal too. Don’t let yourself get too far away from your elemental, animal nature. That is where your intuition and your ability to defend yourself live.

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