Welcome to the Soulfuleadership Lab

Exploration, discovery and giant leaps in self-awareness


The Soulful Leadership Lab is a quarterly five-day intensive awareness and consciousness-expanding experience led by Maura Barclay.

The Lab was created to give you self-awareness tools to help you curate your thoughts and emotions and enable you to attract the people and circumstances you desire. You'll reconnect with your higher soulful self, deepen your sense of worthiness and practice allowing whole self-acceptance so you can deliberately choose a life you love. 

Exploration, discovery and giant leaps in self-regulation are the goals. There will be guided meditations, Q & A and lively discussion around experiences and embodied navigation tools. Come get present with us.


The next lab will be in January 2020, dates and times will be announced in the FB group.


The Soulfuleadership Labs are hosted in the Soulful Synarchy Collective on Facebook. The time/dates will be announced in the group.


You’re invited! Everyone in the Facebook group enjoys access to this free workshop. It is a closed group so you'll need to answer a few questions and agree to some basic rules of conduct to be accepted.


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Synarchy means 'harmonious ruling'. Soulful Synarchy Collective is a gathering of people who desire a deep, soulful connection to themselves first and...

BONUS! When you’ve attended a leadership lab,

you qualify to access to my monthly office hours for Q & A and topic deep dives. 

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Office Hours

December 18 - 12pm - 1pm PST

January 15 - 12pm - 1pm PST

February 26 - 12pm - 1pm PST

must attend Leadership Lab prior to accessing office hours.