In this unfortunate thumbnail, I have begun a 4-week journey of intuitive empowerment and personal transformation which I documented on FB live. Every weekday for four weeks, I have been inviting my community, Unbreakable Tribe to step into their authentic power by getting a little bit uncomfortable, that’s the goal of the series, by doing something that is authentically “them”. Stepping out in public wearing something that they’ve been waiting for a special occasion to don or a hairstyle that they love but don’t think they can pull off or in my case, bright red lipstick that looks like the engorged hindquarters of a rutting baboon.

That lipstick had been sitting in my makeup bag for TWO YEARS. When I saw it at Bobbi Brown, I loved it, I was intuitively drawn to it and thought, “that is so me!”. When I got it home and had to contend with looking like my authentic self, which would attract attention, I balked; then backed away slowly, as if I was extricating myself from an awkward conversation with a person I’ve just realized is crazy. Someday I’ll wear it… just not today. What I was doing was delaying being myself. I was afraid to let myself be seen.

The moment I decided to build an online Intuitive Empowerment & Leadership consulting business for groups and individual women, I realized that the only way I could step into my potential as a transformational leader was by walking my talk. Suddenly, someday became NOW. While I was at it, I pulled out a spectacular silver dress that makes me look like a giant fishing lure and wore that too–another item I was “saving” for an “occasion”. The occasion became a Tuesday. Friday became Ball Gowns & Boots day as I pulled out my floor length, “Bond Girl”, Red Carpet dresses one by one and gave myself permission to wear something ridiculously fabulous to the bank.

Day after day, I encouraged women to take one little step toward themselves; invited them into the natural discomfort that is the touchstone of transformation and gave them emotional anchors to grasp so it didn’t get too scary and they could stay the course. These little acts of courage compounded over time created results that I wasn’t expecting. After only a couple of weeks, a tribe member posted in the FB group that she finally bought a pair of shoes that “were so her” but she had been too afraid to step out in them; to step out as HERSELF.

That little act of self-love, self-acceptance and authentic confidence gave her the empowerment she needed to go to her supervisor and have an uncomfortable conversation about needing some time off for some self-care. She had exercised that “comfortable with discomfort” muscle enough that she was fit and ready to step into her bosses office and advocate for herself!

There is nothing more gratifying, more beautiful than to watch a woman courageously step into her authentic power and live her potential. She’ll inspire her community to do the same. The ocean was created this way–one drop at a time. This is how we will change the world–one courageous woman at a time. #empowRED

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  1. Leslie on November 9, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    I love my shoes AND your red lipstick!

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