Maura Barclay

I believe every person on this planet is worthy of love and a soul-satisfying life. In our hot pursuit of stuff we’ve been told is important, we lose our way, disconnecting from our true selves. There is a way home and it’s never ever too late to get back on the path to satisfaction, ease and joy.

The path to wellbeing is paved with worthiness.

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Maura Barclay is an intuitive leadership consultant and Neuro Facilitation Practitioner. She is best known for her groundbreaking work in the intuitive empowerment field with her book and Unbreakable Woman® programs which she presented for nearly two decades across the nation for federal agencies, fortune 500 companies, and the US military. Her intuitive, embodied career began with more than 10 years teaching immersive workshops and teacher trainings in therapeutic yoga, meditation and embodied anatomy.

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Her work as a fire fighter, two-time title winning body builder and martial artist have informed her process of helping warrior kings and queens (servant leaders) return home to the tender truth of their embodied soulful selves. As a cancer survivor, she developed unique insight into helping people surrender to something bigger and wiser than themselves. Coming to motherhood through adopting a foster child showed her new levels of patience, compassion and unconditional love.

She specializes in guiding individuals and groups into energetic alignment, expansion of their self-awareness and entry in a realm where every moment can be perceived through a lens of worthiness and self-love.

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The ways in which Maura presents as a friend, champion, and spiritual consultant are too many to enumerate, but I will say this: Maura has the unique ability to instantly attune to me, wherever I am—and consistently remind me of my personal power and innate value. One conversation with her can reset my entire system—like a reboot of the mind and spirit. She praises and encourages me without flattery. She loves and nudges me while always maintaining boundaries. She challenges me without confrontation. She can lift me up by merely saying my name. I am deeply sorry for anyone who will go through this life without encountering Maura Barclay, because I have no doubt that her loving, healing spirit—not being bound by time and space—would be fully available, emboldening and restorative, to anyone and everyone who seeks it.

Chuck McCollum

Founder Foster - McCollum Casting
Los Angeles, CA

Nic Full Wedding

I found Maura when I was in a really difficult place. I was in pure grief from losing my father and having issues with anxiety and panic attacks. I didn’t know how to cope with the big feelings that I was having. ... so I kept them in. It seemed easier. Then I started working with Maura. I remember being humbled, frustrated, but completely drawn to her and her teaching. Maura's energy was just what I needed. Working with her became my therapy. She is a very calming presence and yet at the same time has a confidence and strength from within. I really believe that she helped me grow stronger on the inside ... finding my voice and my own confidence.

Nicola M.

Santa Monica, CA

Jill HS

Maura helps you see that your ideas are potent, marketable and needed. She has an eye not just for talent, but for seeing YOUR talent. She will find where you are missing the mark and guide you towards a bulls-eye. The bulls-eye, of course, takes much more work than missing the mark, but you will increase your credibility and legitimacy as an expert or business owner by going through the steps and analysis that she presents to you. Maura is not afraid of confrontation, and that can be very discombobulating for people used to hearing YES. She’s interested in making you better, not keeping you complacent.

Jill Miller

Author of bestselling book The Roll Model and creator of the self-care fitness format Yoga Tune Up®