This will be a very short read and one of the most important for your health.

To help your body protect itself, supporting your immune system is the most important aspect of maintaining your health. The Number 1 threat to optimal immune function: stress.


So, here’s the news you won’t hear because calm people don’t buy as much shit as panicked people:

  1. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s recent post about the virus, healthy people have nothing to fear.
  2. If the virus has a 2% mortality rate, and that’s almost exclusively elderly people who had multiple underlying conditions when they got it, that means 98% of the population is recovering.
  3. If you avoid contact with sick people, wash your hands well and regularly AND stop touching your face holes, your chances of getting sick are slim to none.
  4. Keep your fingers out of your ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Sounds silly, but are you aware of every time you rub your eye when it itches or do you do it unconsciously? That’s called an inoculation. Use your shirt, a clean tissue or just ignore it and it will pass. Don’t touch your face with your fingers and you won’t introduce whatever is on your hands into your body. 

Healthy people get the virus and do just fine. Does it suck to get it? Yes. Will it kill you? No. If your immune system is compromised, take extra precautions (it’s latex glove and mask time!) I had cancer and was immunosuppressed for 8 months—you just have to be smart about it.

Dr. Joe Dispenza had some reassuring things to say about how to move your focus out of fear, which is nothing more than the anticipation of events that haven’t even occurred. There’s being prepared and there’s being irrational, and freaking out – which could actually tax your natural defenses (immune system) and leave you more vulnerable to infection. Stay generally informed and chill the-F out.

So there you have it. Take a deep breath. Relax. Have a cocktail and hug the healthy people in your life.

You’re doing just fine.

Much love!

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