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"Maura is the perfect coach for any leader, especially one who has all of the ingredients but hasn't landed on the right recipe. She will help you achieve breakthrough outcomes in work and life. I've never met anyone as incisive and insightful as her." ~Ed Essey Dir intrapreneurship & incubation, microsoft - redmond, WA

Although the conscious mind can make giant leaps of adaptation, the mind-body and all of its stored emotional trauma takes time to catch up and can ultimately sabotage personal growth which will impact every aspect of your personal and professional landscape.

This 90-day transformational intensive provides live, one-on-one or group weekly intuitive deep dives to identify and deconstruct patterns that are creating stress and interfering with your personal power, worthiness and ability to live every day from your deep truth.

A neuro-facilitation (embodied mindfulness) practice, designed specifically for your unique brand of leadership, will be created to improve your command over your thoughts, beliefs and emotions transforming your desires into deliberate inspired actions. This work will teach you how to let go of false self-perceptions that limit you, get out of your own way and surrender to your wiser, higher self that has your back and is working to help you be the best version of yourself. This program is not a quick fix. It's a 12-session intensive self-awareness skill building practice with the option of a month to month accountability support program to ensure your changes are sustainable and permanent.  

This Transformational Intensive is a step-by-step proven practical process that gives you new tools to handle the new challenges as you up-level. The ROI for this program is the increased ability to stop, start and direct your thoughts. You will have more energy to dedicate to focus and productivity, emotional control and effective communication that inspires people to new levels of dedicated work. You will feel new depths of worthiness and self-regulation, comfort with your authentic truth and the confidence to stand in your authority. Once you are in true alignment, you will get more traction -- less effort creates twice the impact. 

This program is designed for leaders and influencers with a growth mindset, who are actively doing the uncomfortable inner work, know how to work with a mentor and have the financial resources to devote to their personal and professional development. If this doesn't describe you, I respectfully ask that you do not apply for the program until you meet the minimum criteria. Thank you!

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All attendees must apply to before they are approved to participate in the program. Limit 10 participants per session. Click here to apply.