Congratulations to the US Women’s Soccer team for TOTALLY dominating Japan in a decisive and dramatic win yesterday. There was a stunning image that defined their victory that caught my attention. One of our players, captured in the throes of  victorious elation, her impressive brawny, athleticism accented by unmistakable pop of color on her nails.

She’s a world class athlete and now a World Cup champion. Her ferocity is undeniable and there’s that touch of red nail polish. Anyone who still uses “like a girl” or “like a woman” as a means of diminishing the prowess and power the female gender is capable of is coming from a place of fear. It would be so much more fun if men would join us in celebration of our accomplishments, rather than view them as a threat to theirs. Don’t worry insecure men and boys, you will always have women and girls in your life that will love you, cherish you and won’t reject you.

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