Soulfuleaders Speak

Nicole Q HS

Maura succinctly and lovingly helps people see something in themselves they had yet to see for themselves. She is not intimidated to show up and say what needs to be said truthfully yet with kindness, which in turn, gives those around her the courage to do the same thing. Her resiliency, grit and human-ness are her super powers and she is able to help others see those qualities in themselves.

Nicole Q.

Santa Monica, CA

Jill HS

Maura helps you see that your ideas are potent, marketable and needed. She has an eye not just for talent, but for seeing YOUR talent. She will find where you are missing the mark and guide you towards a bulls-eye. The bulls-eye of course takes much more work than missing the mark, but you will increase your credibility and legitimacy as an expert or business owner by going through the steps and analysis that she presents to you. Maura is not afraid of confrontation, and that can be very discombobulating for people used to hearing YES. She’s interested in making you better, not keeping you complacent.

Jill Miller

Author of bestselling book The Roll Model and creator of the self-care fitness format Yoga Tune Up®

Chuck Mc HS

The ways in which Maura presents as a friend, champion, and spiritual consultant are too many to enumerate, but I will say this: Maura has the unique ability to instantly attune to me, wherever I am—and consistently remind me of my personal power and innate value. One conversation with her can reset my entire system—like a reboot of the mind and spirit. She praises and encourages me without flattery. She loves and nudges me while always maintaining boundaries. She challenges me without confrontation. She can lift me up by merely saying my name. I am deeply sorry for anyone who will go through this life without encountering Maura Barclay because I have no doubt that her loving, healing spirit—not being bound by time and space—would be fully available, emboldening and restorative, to anyone and everyone who seeks it.

Chuck McCollum

Founder Foster - McCollum Casting
Los Angeles, CA

Nic Full Wedding

I found Maura when I was in a really difficult place. I was in pure grief from losing my father and having issues with anxiety and panic attacks. I didn’t know how to cope with the big feelings that I was having. ... so I kept them in. It seemed easier. Then I started working with Maura. I remember being humbled, frustrated, but completely drawn to her and her teaching. Maura's energy was just what I needed. Working with her became my therapy. She is a very calming presence and yet at the same time has a confidence and strength from within. I really believe that she helped me grow stronger on the inside ... finding my voice and my own confidence.

Nicola M.

Santa Monica, CA


Maura speaks with an openness and a genuine frankness that feels familiar and trustworthy. Everything about her sings warmth and intelligence with a hint of sass backed by a high-fidelity bass woofer of power and confidence. She is a fine example of intuitive, graceful, badassery.

Dinneen Viggiano

Founder Retrain Back Pain®
New York, NY

Sarah Court HS

Maura really understands the complexity of a situation. She has a natural generosity of spirit and openness that makes her an easy person to talk to and to work through problems with.

Sarah Court

DPT, Creator & Founder of Quantum Leap

Monica Lloyd

Manager, at Ascentis Human Capital Management
Boise, Idaho

Maura has the ability to see through the walls and get to the root of the issue. She understands that people all have excuses for why they aren't thriving and she is able to touch someone with what they are good at and help them shed their excuses. She is real with people without being harsh and allows for a space where it is comfortable to be vulnerable and true without judgment. She gives feedback in a very constructive way - it is in a very ‘solutions finding’ manner, allowing the individual to find their own path. She is also amazing at just listening. Sometimes that is all we need to get out of our own way.

Leslie Ziegler

Holiday, FL

Maura has a compassion that can’t be taught. The tone of her voice and encouraging words drive me to be my true self. When she speaks it feels like it’s coming from the heart. It feels true and authentic. And it always feels like it’s just friends talking with friends. I don’t feel like I’m being talked “at”.

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