Unless you live in a cave in the Himalayas, you probably know all about Rep. Todd Akin’s accidental truth telling. His belief that the female reproductive system can somehow prevent a pregnancy from a “legitimate” rape is deeply troubling on so many levels. Although many in the conservative party also believe this, they know it would be career killing, avoid this unpopular opinion and instead, stay on message.

Rep. Akin is so deep in his pseudo-pious, misogynist rabbit hole, his extreme beliefs prevent him from seeing a larger reality: the one where millions of women ALSO vote. Considering that 1 in 5 women have survived a rape or attempted rape at some point in their lives, I’d say he’s on the wrong side the math. After a betrayal as profound as a physical violation that may have resulted in a pregnancy, what woman in her right mind could conscionably vote for any politician that wants to prolong her nightmare by forcing her to carry and deliver that child?

How can this sound like an acceptable idea to anyone? It sounds like an acceptable idea to all men and women who believe all women’s uteruses need to be managed by the church via the government. His comments shine a bright light on ignorance so extreme, it careens head-long into the absurd. Rep. Todd Akin did us all a big favor. He revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt the extent of the social conservatives misogynist agenda. Rep. Todd Akin is the voice of treason for the ultra-conservatives.

Mitt Romney and the entire GOP political machine turned on Rep. Todd Akin demanding his swift exit from the senate race in Missouri, in an attempt to gobble up this political cancer before it could effect anything else. Luckily, they were too late. Rep. Todd Akin had already spilled the beans; yet another candidate from crazy town spewing forth their Dark Ages dreck. Rep. Todd Akin and others that share his extreme ignorance have to have a degree of delusional thinking in order to constantly ignore or repress the reality of science and progress.

It should come as no surprise that shaming these people won’t work. They have no shame about their Stone Age views. Thank you Todd Akin for showing us just exactly how dangerously uninformed you are. Give it up for Rep. Todd Akin for helping us understand the depth of the truth of social conservatives in the GOP so we can make informed decisions when we vote.

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