Anyone who denies that America has a violence against women problem will probably have no compunction about calling their tank top a “wife beater.” At some point, we have to recognize that the very words we use actually DO contribute to the problem.

How? By making those words, phrases and ultimately the concept socially acceptable. It desensitizes us to the heinousness of the crime and positions it as a normal, everyday occurrence. That’s how.

Louis CK did a magnificent piece about this subject in his SNL monologue.


Does calling a tank a wife beater make you a violent offender? No. But it ENABLES people who do tend toward violence feel like their behavior is acceptable. If you’re using that terminology because you think it’s funny…1987 Andrew Dice Clay called and he wants his material back.

Support a happy life for your sisters, mothers, aunties and grandmas and just call it what it is. Tanks for your help!

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