When Brit Hume talked about the Feminization of America in reference to the Gov. Chris Christie scandal, you can see him wistfully recalling the days when men were men and women were obedient, domestic slaves happy to wear no less than three control garments and sleep in full make-up so they would always appear beautiful to their husbands.


John Stewart does a splendid job of lampooning this notion.

I hope we do move to a more feminized society. It would mean we would begin to embrace behaviors that are instinctive in women: compassion and cooperation. It would mean getting things done the way emotionally mature women do: through meaningful dialogue. It would mean a softening of male instincts like being territorial and aggressive and if we’re really committed, a new era of mutual respect.

Feminization of America has nothing to do with tough guys not being able to be tough. I appreciate Chris Christie. I respect his straight-talking-don’t-give-a-crap-if-it’s-politically-incorrect style. When the GOP was pressuring him not to be complimentary towards Obama for his help after hurricane Sandy, he told them to jump off a short pier. What Feminization is doing is creating a much needed culture of intolerance for sexism and bullying. You can still be a tough, no-nonsense and stick to your guns person (male or female) without being sexist or a bully.

When I watch Brit Hume talk about our cultural feminization, I feel a bit like Inigo Montoya, from The Princess Bride, when he heard his bombastic boss Vizzini repeatedly exclaim, “Inconceivable!” every time something bad would happen to them. I want to say to Mr. Hume, “You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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